Healthcare High Risk Quadrants that Enhance Infection Prevention; Design Recommendations

Tuesday, March 6

This Prism EH&S presentation will focus on key design components to minimize the risk of hospital acquired infections (HAIs) in high risk quadrants, including the ER, NICU, transplant and cardiac units.

With the increase in HAIs and MDROs (multiple drug resistant organisms) it is essential to focus energy and resources on infection prevention. Therefore, proactive design of healthcare buildings to prevent cross contamination with infectious agents through air, water or surface contact is critical to minimizing the risk of infection in the quadrant.

Presenter: Dr. Jennifer Wagner, Principal Infection Control Consultant at PrismEH&S

Learning Objectives
1. Best practices for placement of antimicrobial surfaces in design
2. Designing to minimize the risk of biofilm formation
3. Preventing cross contamination of MRSA through design layout in the ER
4. Reducing HAIs in outpatient facilities through design strategies


No cost to attend, please click here to RSVP for room setup.

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