LEED Conflicts: Impacts Synergies Have on Good Design Practices & Acoustics

Thursday, April 26
Location: Dahlin Group, 5865 Owens Drive, Pleasanton
Please RSVP to events@aiaeb.org. This is a BYOL (bring your own lunch) program.

Explore the unexpected ways that LEED synergies can affect those who work in the facility on a daily basis. Learn solutions for making a building friendly for both the occupants and the environment.

Presented by Lisa Thorburn, LEED AP, CTS of Thorburn Acoustics.

Learning Objectives:

1. Participants will understand the life cycle cost sustainability places on the acoustic design of a building.
2. Participants will learn which LEED strategies work with the acoustic design and which have a negative impact.
3. Participants will understand how LEED synergies can have unexpected results.
4. Participants will learn how bad acoustics impact building occupants.

Location: Dahlin Group, 5865 Owens Drive, Pleasanton.


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