Video: IDP & ARE–Weathering the Storm

Let’s face it; getting an architectural license is hard. There’s paperwork, bureaucracy, expenses, time–all in addition to studying and proving that you have the right stuff to be an architect.

On Tuesday, March 20th, the Emerging Professionals Group and the Young Architects Forum hosted a panel discussion on the licensure process.  This video highlights how seven recently licensed architects (and one soon to be) made it through the storm (relatively) unscathed.  These panelists answer questions regarding everything from study strategies and resources to logging IDP hours and the benefits of having a license.

The video is split into 4 parts.

Part 1:
Which test should I take first?
What study materials do you recommend?
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Part 2:
Where can I get help paying for the ARE?
How much time did you spend studying for each test?
What do you do if you fail (and things to be careful of so you don’t fail).
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Part 3:
Additional study tips and resources.
How long should it take for NCARB to get back to you? [in regards to submissions you make to them]
How do you determine the experience needed to begin testing?
What’s the deal with CIDP?
How can you earn IDP units if you are currently unemployed?
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Part 4:
How did you get all the different types of experience [required by IDP]?
Why should you get a license?
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The panelists include:

Jamie Brown, AIA
Gray Dougherty, AIA
Nate Dison, AIA
Deepika Padam, AIA
Bryan Rayburn, Assoc. AIA
Manan Shah, AIA
Jeremiah Tolbert, AIA
Phoebe Wong, AIA
Moderator: Mylanie Ventanilla, Assoc.AIA

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