Eichler Restorations Sought for Book

Rizzoli International Publications are looking for restored and re-tuned Eichler house projects completed after 2005.  They are interested in the use of new materials and tasteful modifications to original structures.  Furnishings must be well-appointed, not necessarily mid-century but excellent.  Landscaping must be lush and full growth.  Patios, pools, cabanas and tea houses should be part of the overall update of the property.

Interiors by Matt Kahn and his wife are of specific interest.  

The book is from Rizzoli. Trim size will be 10 x 10,”  256 pages, full color, hard cover only. Global distribution.  Release date fall 2013.

Please send low res images on initial contact to: media@ipns.com.

Deadline: 6/1/2012


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