Geotech, Site and Civil Consultants

Thursday, June 28
Pleasanton program: Dahlin Group, 5865 Owens Drive, Pleasanton
Free, open to all

This program presents the role of the Geotechnical Consultant in the many phases of a project. During due diligence, the Geotechnical Consultant identifies foundation alternatives and potential construction challenges. During design, the Geotechnical Consultant performs a geotechnical investigation to obtain subsurface information that will be used to develop conclusions and recommendations. Where projects are public schools and hospitals, or located within special study zones, the geotechnical investigation also includes a geologic hazards study. The Geotechnical Consultant reviews designs, consults with project team, and responds to peer/permit review comments. During construction, the Geotechnical Consultant provides observation to check that the geotechnical elements are properly implemented and confirm subsurface conditions.

This program will also present the role of Site/Civil Consultant, with a focus on the land and sustainable developments. Land development is the process of converting land from one use to another; and involves collecting, evaluating and extrapolating data and creating design plans for reshaping the land to yield a development project that is politically, economically, and environmentally acceptable to the client, the public and regulatory agencies. The objective of sustainable development it to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

About the presenter: Linda Liang, Allied Member, Treadwell Rollo

1.5 CES LUs

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