Urban Open Space Design – Transformations

Thursday, July 19
Free and open to all
Please RSVP to events@aiaeb.org for seating set-up
Presented by the Historic Preservation Committee

10,000 Steps  ‘A documentary about four Oakland historic urban squares’

This documentary traces how changing needs have acted as catalysts for park design and use changes, in each of four distinct neighborhood parks in downtown Oakland, Jefferson Square, Lafayette Square, Madison Square and Lincoln Square, each occupying only one city block- tiny spots of open space in the urban fabric.  It looks at current and historic uses of the parks by Oakland’s cultural communities over time.  It communicates the continued importance of flexible urban open space to provide spaces for public life, spaces for neighborhood leadership and mentoring opportunities, specific to a particular location and time.    Interviews with both new and long-time residents express current and historic experiences, along with their hopes for the near future in a continuous reshaping of these urban parks.  The film engenders discussion and questions about how we design these spaces.

What does it mean to make a place, and how do we inhabit those places?

How do we continue to build upon but respect the landscape?

What is the relationship between past and present?

How do we involve inhabitants in making places?

Where are the opportunities for public life and engagement in the context of a neighborhood?

This interactive project was created by Sue Mark and Bruce Douglas, and took place between 2006 and 2010.  They are both members of marksearch, an artistic, cultural research team formed in 2000.  They will be at the film screening to discuss the project and answer questions following the screening.

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