September Historic Preservation Meeting

Thursday, September 12

Free and all are welcome.


From Betsy Yost, AIA, Chair:

At our last meeting, we decided that everyone would bring images of one or two additions to historic buildings to the September meeting in order to begin a discussion on this topic.  Please bring enough images to show the addition and how it relates to the historic building.  The images should be on a flash drive and we will project them on the screen.

Our intent is to prepare for a lunch session on this topic, hoping to attract others who haven’t been normally involved with the Historic Preservation Committee.  We thought we would start with a couple of sessions in which our group would sort through various ideas on the topic.  Also, we have an upcoming program in which Charles Bucher, AIA will discuss a paper he wrote about discovering the age of buildings through analysis of basic construction materials.

I’m excited about the topic and I hope everyone will bring images of a favorite project, or ones that you don’t consider successful.

Questions? Call Sidney Sweeney at 510/464-3600 or email


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