Tour: Maybeck’s Guy Hyde Chick House

SOLD OUT The Small Firm Forum kicks off 2013 with a very special tour of Bernard Maybeck’s Guy Hyde Chick House. The price of $13.75 includes lunch. Guests and cameras are allowed! Reservations must be made and paid by noon on New Year’s Eve! 

FIELD TRIP + LUNCH at Bernard Maybeck’s Guy Hyde Chick House
Thursday, January 3, 2013
A Small Firm Forum program
Guests & cameras are welcome
1.5 CES LUs

Cost:  $13  (+0.75 processing) includes buffet lunch (with substantial sandwiches, salads & sides from the Berkeley Bowl)


Foster Goldstrom, art dealer and long-time owner of a uniquely beautiful 1914 Bernard Maybeck designed house, invites us to pause for a while and experience the richly elaborate interior features, balanced progression of spaces, playfully shaped stairway components, and oak-enhanced vistas from the well-positioned doors and windows.  Michael Engel, a wood restoration specialist, will provide insights on the care of fine old structures, mouldings and ornamentation.
Kenneth Cardwell:  “…the ultimate statement of the chalet in its most sophisticated form….[Maybeck’s] personal interpretation of details obscures prototypical forms….the rooms are finely proportioned and confidently accented with solids and voids to give a sense of unity and flowing volume….” in Bernard Maybeck: Artisan, Architect, Artist.

Sally Woodbridge:  “Accents of bright colors were added to specific parts of the rosy brown building, not to create patterns but to highlight elements of the composition, as in a painting.  The specifications call for yellow on the roof soffits; red for the rafters and for the balcony and kitchen-gate tracery as well as the doors; green for the heavy timbers and the upper-story bays; and Prussian blue for the front door.” in Bernard Maybeck: Visionary Architect.

Learning Objectives:
1.  Participants will experience the 3-dimensionality of highly-regarded private residence seen primarily in books and magazines.
2.  Participants can examine close-up architectural details by a grandmaster of wood construction artistry.
3.  Participants will be able to discuss living in an important historic structure and see how the kitchen and baths of a 99-year old house have been carefully renovated to suit current needs.
4.  Participants will learn about wood preservation and restoration.

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