3D Modeling & Vectorworks

Northern California Vectorworks User Group

Tuesday, January 8, 2013
Free and open to all!

The Northern California Vectorworks User Group kicks off 2013 with a discussion and presentation on 3D modeling, with projects involving several buildings, and integrating multiple 3D Models into a single site model base file.

The group will look into development of a site model base file created from contour data, and composing several models into the base file, each of these files being a stand alone Vectorworks file.

About the presenter: Cliff Lau is an intern at Okoamoto Saijo Architecture and is a Vectorworks user proficient in 3D modeling and 2D production.

Learning objectives:

1.             Learn about creating a site model from imported contour data.

2.             Understand the use of design layer viewports.

3.             Learn how to integrate external files into another file by referencing their design layers.

4.             Understand the use of symbols in the file referencing process.

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