Regional Urban Design Meeting

Tuesday, February 12
Sodas/water provided. Bring your own lunch.

Regional Urban Design Chair Douglas Frazier, AIA invites members with an interest in local urban design issues to join him for a committee discussion on Tuesday, February 12th at noon. In addition to discussing a speaker series with the local chapter of the Congress for New Urbanism (CNU), the following and more topics will be considered for RUD forums, panel discussion, tours, and joint events.

Bring your additional ideas at noon on Feb 12 and plan to help organize one or more of these topics into an event during 2013.

  1. Mayor (Governor) Brown’s 10K Program for Oakland:  What are the Current Numbers?
  2. Uptown is becoming Downtown;  An overview of completed and pending projects
  3. Uptown and the Fox Theater; history, planning, development, completion.  (Possible panel and site visit, currently in early planning stages.)
  4. Oakland Coliseum:  Warriors Leaving. Who is Staying and What is Happening to Keep the A’s and Raiders?
  5. Alameda Point:  Update on a Key Bay Area Site:  Who is involved and what do they plan?
  6. Oakland Army Base Redevelopment:  Update; How does it work with West Oakland, the Port and the new Bridge Approach Park?
  7. Jack London Square:  Is anything happening?
  8. Tunnels in the Bay Area: Reports from project Teams on Devil’s Slide and Caldacot. Now that we have local experts, do we need another BART Tube?
  9. Emeryville Public Market Redevelopment:  Status.  Is this a prime TOD opportunity?
  10. Smartstreets, Walkability, Bike Friendly Routes and East Bay Communities:  Who has good plans, who needs better plans?
  11. Oakland Planning Department Projects and Specific Plan Project  updates
    East Bay Commercial Real Estate Development:  SF is near booming again: How does the East Bay compare?.  How does it compete?
  12. Homeless in the East Bay:  Temporary Crisis Housing – How can architects help to solve the shelter part of the problem in concert with other relief efforts
  13. Sea Level Rise and the East Bay:  What does Alameda need to learn from Amsterdam?
  14. Golden Gate Fields and Love Hate with Albany;  an Update
  15. Small Architectural and Planning Firms and Big Commercial Developers;  Is a partnership (for profit) possible?
  16. For Young Architects and Emerging professionals:  What you need to know when you take your first project to the Planning Department:  A round table discussion (Joint program)
  17. Fremont, southern anchor of AIAEB;  Tesla, BART Warm Springs Extension, TODs, more
  18. SF is home of SPUR and now San Jose has a SPUR office.  Is SPUR coming to the East Bay?
  19. Congress for New Urbanism:  New forums and topics to be presented at AIAEB
  20. Universities and Community Colleges in the East Bay:  How to be good, great neighbors
  21. CA Senate Bill 904 to reduce excessive minimum parking requirements; status

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