March Design for Aging Mtg Cancelled

From Tom Brutting, FAIA, Chair of the Regional Design for Aging Committee:

Please be advised that our March meeting (March 5) will be cancelled.

It would be in conflict with the Leading Age CA Public Policy Conference in Sacramento and we encourage you to attend.

It’s a good way to learn what’s on the minds and in forefront of our legislators and policies impacting seniors in California.

Additionally the Environments for Aging conference 2013 is in New Orleans from April 6-9

Even though there will be no meeting in March you still will have an ASSIGNMENT!


  • I encourage everyone to go out and make acquaintance with a senior person you’ve not met before, in your neighborhood, senior community, or even at a senior community center.  Just start by giving them a friendly greeting to see if they are receptive, then engage that person and get to know them for a couple of hours, or whatever time you can spend.  Greet them as a friend and not that you’re ‘on assignment’.  Learn about that person’s life and experiences, and if possible anything about their current living environment; things that they like, or not.


You’ll find it’s amazing what you can learn about our seniors, and how most are very willing to share their wisdom and knowledge. You’ll come away with, hopefully, good information that would enable you to know more about a person’s experience and in particular something in ‘lessons learned’ about preferences with the environment inhabited each and every day.

We will share our experiences as a part of our April meeting.

 Our next scheduled meeting will be:

TUESDAY, APRIL 2, 2013 at NOON to 1 pm
AIA San Francisco
130 Sutter Street,  Suite 600 San Francisco

<brown bag>

I am also pleased to report that there is good progress being made with implementing the “Small House” model for Skilled Nursing in California.  There have been recent meetings with the licensing entities looking to refine and fully understand the current code language and smaller groups  will be working further on implementation.  The hope is to find 10 pilot programs in California in order to launch it forward.

Finally, an interesting recent article from the New York Times on NORCs, a topic we’ve discussed at meetings in the past.

Committee Chair,

Tom Brutting, FAIA


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