Revit User Group: COBie Demystified–Using Autodesk Revit to Manage COBie Requirements

Tuesday, March 19, 2013
Free, all are welcome. Please RSVP here.
Lunch is provided by Ideate, Inc.

COBie (Construction Operations Building Information Exchange), is an emerging standard and specification developed by a number of United States public agencies to improve the handover process to building owner-operators. COBie is an information exchange specification for the life-cycle capture and delivery of information needed by facility managers. COBie based data can be viewed in design, construction, and maintenance software as well as in simple spreadsheets.

Many government and commercial building owners (in addition to requiring BIM based deliverables) are now asking that these BIM models be delivered with “intelligent objects” that enable COBie based information exchanges. This presentation will de-mystify the process of creating COBie enabled BIM models with Autodesk Revit. We will discuss strategies for the engineer, architect and general contractor to collaborate on creating and managing the COBie data throughout the design and construction process.

This presentation is ideal for those new to COBie and those involved with delivering (general contractors, engineers and architects) and receiving (building owners and facility managers) high-quality Autodesk Revit-based BIM handover documents that are intended for use in an-going Building Lifecycle Management (BLM).

About the presenter: Glynnis Patterson, N.C.A.R.B., Director of Software Development, is a Registered Architect and has worked within the BIM industry since 1998. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, she has worked as an architect, educator and construction site manager. Glynnis is currently the Director of Software Development Services at Ideate, Inc. and continues to work with AEC clients across the nation, developing, and implementing best practices solutions. In her spare time Glynnis does volunteer work and builds Lego projects. @GVPinNJ

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