ADA Day: March 15, 2013

ADA Day: Accessibility Issues for California Architects

Friday, March 15, 2013

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Kerwin Lee, AIA, CASp and Janis Kent, AIA, CASp will provide ADA/accessibility lectures pertinent to Bay Area architects that meet the full five hours required by the CAB for licensure renewal.

Morning presentation  by Kerwin Lee, AIA, CASp
“Disabled Access – Specific and Special Uses”
The program will look at what is required for disabled accessibility in specific types of uses.
Topics include:
·         Courtrooms
·         Healthcare
·         Public Housing/Residential
·         Hospitality/Transient Lodging
·         Recreational Facilities
·         Assembly Facilities

Afternoon presentation by Janis Kent, AIA, CASp
“Stepping Thru Vertical Heights”
Topics include:
Level surfaces
Zero Curbs & Islands
Curb Ramps
Corner Curb Ramps
Pedestrian Ramps
Pedestrian Ramp Landings
Edge Protection

About the speakers:
Kerwin Lee, AIA, CASp, is a licensed architect and Certified Access Specialist with over 35 years of experience and is accomplished in building and interior architecture. Mr. Lee’s responsibilities include project management, fire and life safety building code consulting and accessibility consulting. Recently Mr. Lee has been involved in the activities of the International Code Conference (ICC) and the writing of the International Building Code (IBC). He is working with the Building Standards Commission of California in writing the next generation of State Codes.

Janis Kent, AIA, CASp is a licensed architect and Certified Access Specialist. Ms Kent is the Founding President of the Certified Access Specialist Institute (CASI) which has been developed to provide a focal point on accessibility information as well as support to its CASp members. She serves on the Cerritos College Architectural Advisory committee and is on the Board of Directors for the AIA-Long Beach/South Bay chapter. She also participates on the State DSA-CASp Exam Development Committee and is designated as a Subject Matter Expert. Janis received her M.Arch from the UCLA and is currently the principal of Stepping Thru Accessibility in Long Beach California.

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