Passive House Windows: A new ‘pane’ threshold for high performance buildings?

Friday, April 26
1.5 CES Lus
Free and open to all. Please RSVP for room setup.

Bring your own lunch!

Passive House Windows:

A new ‘pane’ threshold for high performance buildings?

This presentation will look at the influence of Passive House on the evolution of window design for the high performance building marketplace and how Passive House has created a new ‘pane’ threshold for building designers and specifiers.  PHI and NFRC certification protocols will be reviewed to determine optimum window performance criteria for our climate.   A few simple window construction details will be compared to illustrate how minor changes to our designs can have a major impact on performance.

About the Presenter: Bronwyn Barry works as a Director for One Sky Homes, a Silicon Valley Passive House and Net Zero Energy Design|Build company. She is a Certified Passive House Designer.  Her presentations on high performance windows have been locally, nationally and internationally recognized.  She serves on the Advisory Board and is a founding member of Passive House California (PHCA) and the American Passive House Network (APHN.)

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding window performance testing protocols, how they are calculated and what they tell you about the product
  • Why Passive House and NFRC window performance ratings differ
  • How to improve the performance of your building by design, using regular windows
  • Which details matter: flashing, installation or air sealing?


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