Going from As-Built Data to Condition Assessment Modeling

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lunch is provided by Ideate, Inc. Please RSVP!

On Tuesday, April 23, Open Spatial presents an innovative case study using as-built data and LIDAR data in AutoCAD Map and Civil 3D as inputs for a condition assessment model for determining repair prioritization.

This presentation examines the data and techniques used to provide a prioritized rating value, map of the condition, and improvement priority of the collection system infrastructure as part of the development of an Asset Management Information Plan (AMIP) for a small city. The usual factors such as age, material and maintenance activities were captured and considered. In addition, community, environmental factors and the proximity of sewer structures to downstream storm structures were included in a condition assessment model.

Microsoft Excel was used to build an effective and interactive modeling tool, enabling decision makers the ability to evaluate different approaches, aspects and impacts in a familiar environment.

  • Base data was gathered and stored in a GIS system (AutoCAD Map 3D, Munsys and Oracle)
  • LIDAR data was used for the land surface and flow tracing (AutoCAD Civil 3D and Munsys)
  • CCTV and CMMS data was integrated with the mapped asset inventory
  • Microsoft Excel was used to develop an interactive model that balances risk (probability and consequence of failure) against condition to provides a ranked priority list of assets requiring improvement

This meeting will include a short customer presentation (30 min.) detailing how Munsys was used in the case study, as well as a brief company and product update (30 min.).

Who Should Attend
Managers, technicians and related IT professionals from utility, state and local government organizations involved with mapping and/or managing geospatial asset information, including personnel who use:

  • AutoCAD Map
  • AutoCAD Civil3D
  • Autodesk MapGuide
  • Autodesk Infrastructure Map Server
  • Munsys

About the Presenters
Open Spatial provides geospatial engineering solutions for managing spatial data from survey through design, construction and data management. Our technologies are based on ubiquitous, risk-averse platforms and bridge the gap between CAD, GIS and asset management applications. Utilizing open standards and engineering best practices, we deliver our customers fit-for-purpose solutions with a focus on productivity improvements, definable return on investment and long-term savings. Various staff will be presenting.

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