Win More Work: Train the Trainer Program

Train the Trainer Program
Location: San Francisco, address provided at registration
Tuesday, April 30, 2013
9 AM – 5 PM


  • Your firm spends a chunk of money to bring in outside consultants to prep interview teams or teach presentation skills.  Sometimes it pays off and sometimes it is just a fun time.
  • Your firm depends on you to coach your interview teams for short list success.  Because you interact with your team daily, you find yourself treading cautiously in coaching for change.

Whatever your situation –here is an opportunity to train some of your presenters and get a head start learning how to coach them yourself.

It is vital that you establish a firm-wide culture to hone presentation and communication skills.  With that in mind, we have designed a program where you bring one of your presenters with you to be coached.  When you return to the office, you will have teamed up to set a standard.  You, as the COACH, and your colleague as a more polished presenter.

About the presenters: Susan Murphy, with Murphy Motivation, is a woman with a mission: to teach and coach the same behavior that led her from being a timid girl to a woman whose feet hit the floor each morning in flame-throwing communication mode.  “Bossy” as she is affectionately called, is an energy force, who showers her clients with love and humor while strongly suggesting they take a look at their most horrifying communication and presentation weaknesses. Once they have come to terms with their condition (none so terrifying as hers were) she devotes herself to teaching them the concrete skills to be as powerful, impressive and, indeed, as happy with themselves as they can become.

Marion Thatch, FSMPS, with Distinction in Marketing, is committed to alleviating the ordinary. As an experienced marketing leader and executive coach, she helps clients define their authentic value. She has sat in the marketing director’s chair and been responsible for leading Architectural/Engineering/Construction interview teams. Early in her career she saw the light of day, she promoted a culture of communication within her firms and hired Susan Murphy to train her staff be the best at presenting themselves and the firm. Today, she shares the light providing coaching and marketing strategy to those wise enough to recognize that going it alone is simply insane – she is your outside consultant with an insider’s point of view.

Train the Trainer Program Details

This training will involve coaching and training a pair of individuals from the same firm. Susan and Marion will be ‘hands on’ with all pairs – teaching one to coach and the other to present. This program is great for new trainers, experienced trainers who may not have had formal presentation training, or anyone needing a refresher course to improve techniques and methods to transfer learning to work situations.


Morning Session (9:00 am – 12:00 pm)

Marketer (trainer) will spend the morning becoming acquainted with the basics of coaching.

You will learn:

•      When to intercede

•      What to say

•      Which behaviors to coach

•      How to recover when you make the inevitable mistake

•      When to let go

•      How to overcome resistance.

Lunch (12:00pm – 1:00pm)

Technical colleague (trainee) joins for lunch.
Includes a Group Discussion on “How to Get  INFORMATION the Competition Misses”

Afternoon Session (1:00pm – 4:00pm)

In the afternoon, you (trainer) will follow along as Susan demonstrates her methods, coaching your colleague (trainee) for excellence.

Cost: $1200 / per pair per firm (includes Lunch).
Limited to the first 12 pairs – first come, first serve. Call to reserve your space.

Location:   In San Francisco proper, address provided at registration.

Event Questions? Marion Thatch at or 510.910.2509.

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