Member Publishes Home Improvement Book


A Pocket Manifesto for your Home Improvement Project

By Devi Dutta-Choudhury, AIA

Improving your home can be as simple as new paint color and clever furniture arrangement or as complex as large additions and renovations that radically reconfigure space. Learning from the HIP is a guide to all scales of home improvement through the lens of one Bay Area family’s experience in creating their own modern home in Berkeley, California. This young family bought a tiny hillside house during that fast rise to the boom of the housing market in the early 2000’s, and embarked on a major renovation and addition through the subsequent bust (while the family went through a boom of its own). With an architect wife and an avid gardener husband, this growing family created an enduring home that supports their ever-evolving, modern lives.

Equal parts memoir, design guide and history lesson, Learning from the HIP started as a pamphlet for Devi’s homeowner clients who were starting home improvement projects.  It grew into 20 informative chapters such as Design is Cheap, D-Fence and Kids & Other Living Creatures, and outlines the entire home improvement process, from permits, architects and being “green” to lighting, landscapes and finishes. Learning from the HIP will help create a home that is warm, comfortable and supports modern life and the way we live today.

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Architect Devi Dutta-Choudhury, AIA founded her design studio Devi Dutta Architecture in 2008 in response to a growing need for architecture that was modern, beautiful and functional without being inaccessible, and was specific to daily life. She works closely with homeowners, small businesses and non-profits to develop carefully crafted spaces that use light, movement and materials to create timeless and elegant design. She is based in Berkeley, California.

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