How to Utilize the “I” in BIM to Manage IT Equipment in Datacenters

A Revit User Group

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

1.5 CES LUs

Free and open to all; please RSVP as Ideate, Inc. provides lunch!

The new generation of high performance datacenters are capable of powering up to 30 MW’s (more power than the entire town of Palo Alto) worth of servers; that thousands of server racks per datacenter. And to complicate these situations, these servers racks need to be refreshed every 2 years to keep up the with the advancements of server technology. All of these factors can create an administrative nightmare for even the most of savvy datacenter design and facility teams, particularly if they’re still using CAD and spreadsheets to manage the flow of server racks. To address this problem, large companies are transitioning to using Revit and synchronizing their models to custom datacenter management software utilizing the Revit open API. In addition to saving them countless man hours, this new process has reduced costly human errors and has opened the doors to rapidly generating power maps of the supporting electrical equipment, cable infrastructure, accurate energy and CFD models to increase both the efficiency and capacity of these datacenters. This presentation will cover the newly developed workflows, the results, and the process of how we transition from CAD and spreadsheets to Revit and databases. We will dive into the development Revit families, how we established standardized shared parameters, and how we use plugins to synchronize our Revit models to secure SQL databases.

About the Presenter: Aryn Bergman has spent the past couple of years working at TL Circle as a BIM Developer and an Energy Analyst with a sharp focus on datacenters. He graduated from North Carolina State University with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and spent the first 5 years of his career in the building industry as an Energy Analyst and an HVAC Design Engineer for the MEP Engineering Consulting firm Glumac. He then spent the next 3 years as a Senior Subject Matter Expert at Autodesk focusing on Green Building Studio and Revit MEP. In addition to developing BIM and energy analysis workflows for datacenters, he also provides energy audits and retro-commissioning services for existing buildings.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn how to utilize the “I” in BIM to manage IT Equipment in Datacenters.
  2. Save countless man hours and reduce human errors when synchronizing custom datacenters.
  3. Increase both efficiency and capacity of CFD models.
  4. Dive into the development Revit families and how we established standardized shared parameters.


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