Creating & Working with 3D Roof Objects

A Vectorworks Users Group

Tuesday, September 10, 2013
All are welcome!
1.5 CES LUs

At this meeting, we will look into the two main methods of modeling roofs.  We will look into the Create Roof Command and also the Roof Face Command, their differences, and when to use each.  We will also discuss how to reshape roofs when you reach the limitations of these commands.  We will go over several parametric objects that can be inserted in roofs including skylights and dormer windows, and we will discuss setting the roof height in your model and how to fit walls up to the roof.

Time permitting, we’ll try to complement some topics from recent meetings, such as more about walls, including wall features and handling components, and finish our discussions about custom space labels, and definitely will take time to field questions and to discuss issues that may be bothersome, or of interest to the group.

About the presenters:

Peter Thayer – Architect, OAG Architects Inc., Benicia, CA.
Peter has been using Vectorworks/MiniCAD software for over 15 years, providing residential architectural services with his firm in Benicia.

Paul Majka – Principal, Paul Majka Architect Inc., San Francisco, CA
Paul is a seasoned professional in Architecture with about ten years of experience with Vectorworks, and is currently running an architectural practice in San Francisco.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this presentation, attendees will understand:

1.             How to create Roof Objects and Roof Faces in a 3D model

2.             How to set the elevation of the roof relative to the walls and fit the walls up to the roof

3.             How to reshape complex roof objects

4.             How to insert dormers and skylights in your roof

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