The Power of Primer

PREMIUM PLUS® Interior Enamel Undercoater Primer & Sealer

Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Noon – 1:30 pm
Free, open to all
Click here to RSVP: Lunch provided by BehrPro!

Today’s primer products provide so much more than simply prepping your wall. Technological advancements have produced coatings that also offer increased protection of substrates and reduced maintenance costs – all with minimal impact to indoor air quality and the environment. This course will provide you with the fundamentals of different primer systems so that you can specify coatings that will provide the best outcome for your client.

About the Presenter:

Scott Jenkins, is a trainer with BehrPro. He served as a Commercial Estimator for nearly 8 years prior to coming aboard with Behr.

Learning Objectives:

1. Learn about the evolution of primer technology; understanding importance of primer and how it directly relates to proper finish expectations and color/film accuracy.
2. Explore zero voc and low voc primers vs standard primers and their positive effect on the environment.
3. Review innovative water-based specialty primers now available, replacing oil, alcohol and shellac based primers, resulting in better air quality/work environment for the applicator.
4. Explain how primer affects topcoat performance/finish impacting job costs.

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