The Rebirth of the Practice

A Professional Practice Forum

Thursday, April 17, 2014
Free, all are welcome. Bring your lunch!
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1.5 CES LUs

The A/E/C industry is changing, rapidly. And the root cause is more than just the effect of the recession on our practices. Rapid changes in technology, better managed practices, and a more informed and involved client base are making it possible for architects to design better and faster.

In 2012, James Cramer, CEO of the Greenway Group wrote, “Data collected by DesignIntelligence and the Greenway Group show that design professions and the construction industry are more creative than ever in their business practices. For example, architecture and engineering practices are about 80 percent more productive in the past seven years, as measured by revenues per full-time equivalent staff.”

Join the Professional Practice Forum on Thursday, April 17th at noon to discuss the future of the practice. Questions to consider include:

  • Is my firm more relevant this year than last?
  • What might change next?
  • Why do we do things the way we do?
  • How do other professionals do what we do?
  • Are we moving quickly and deliberately to reach tomorrow’s opportunities and new achievement levels?
  • What are advances that other practices embrace–either in this country or abroad?

Curious about this topic? Read more in Cliff Moser, AIA‘s book Architecture 3.0: The Disruptive Design Practice Handbook.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this discussion, attendees will:

1) Be able to state at least two advances in technology that help firms be more efficient.
2) Be able to explain at least two methods of project delivery that help firms be more efficient.
3) Be able to list at least two improvements to document management and how they help firms.
4) Be able to explain at least two areas of diversification that firms can consider in becoming more relevant.

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