Small Firm Forum: Water Conservation, Stormwater Management, and Bay Friendly Landscape Measures

Thursday, April 3, 2014
Open to all Free for AIA Members $3 Non Members; bring your lunch, drinks provided
1.5 CES LU’s

There are  several regulations and guidelines dealing with landscape requirements for water conservation, waste reduction and storm water treatment. Learn when they may apply to residential or small commercial projects and what submittal documentation may be required for design review and or building permits. 

Speaker Bio:

Peter Wolfe is a registered landscape architect, allied member, and Bay Friendly Qualified Designer/Advisor/Rater. His  design practice focuses  on site planning and design for sustainable residential and commercial projects throughout the Bay Area.

Learning Objectives:

1. Have a basic understanding of several landscape requirements for residential and small commercial projects.

2. Be able to identify when landscape water conservation requirements apply to our projects understand documentation requirements for submittal reviews.

3. Learn how to identify when Bay Friendly Landscapes become a requirement for a project and understand documentation requirements for submittal review.

4. Learn what the tipping points are for requiring project storm water treatment measures, storm water treatment measures for small projects, low impact design LID, what they look like and general documentation requirements.



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