Are You a Professional Associate?

Friday, May 16, 2014Noon-1:30pm
All are welcome–bring a bag lunch!

As Associate members of the AIA, you likely often get emails and invitations to programs and services geared toward the “Emerging Professional” who is working towards licensure.

But what if you’re an established professional who has interests outside of IDP, AREs, etc.? Those pizza parties likely fall a bit short of your needs.

What if there was a forum for you firm principals, instructors, experts and consultants? One where you could share and build on one another’s knowledge and expertise? One that might create external advocacy programs or internal (AIA) repositioning initiatives?

Would you participate?

You might have noticed in recent communications that there is a “Professional Associates” forum scheduled for this Friday, May 16th  at noon. Bring a bag lunch, and let’s explore what, as a group, your needs and interests are.

Will you join us? Please let us know if you’ll attend, and if you can’t we’ll add you to the notification list!

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