CoolTechStuff: Hot Dipped Steel


Here’s an app for your mobile device that can help you inspect, and identify problems with galvanized steel.

What Does It Do: This app is a visual guide to identify various surface conditions on hot-dip galvanized steel.

System Requirements
: Android or iOS mobile device.

What does it cost: $4.99

How Does it Work
: Surface conditions/defects are shown in photos accompanied by text identifying the industry term for the condition/defect, how and why it occurs, and whether or not it is v v acceptable. The app also contains specification information (ASTM, ISO, AASHTO) on coating thickness requirements, sampling and measurement procedures/devices, and touch-up and repair methods.

Pros: Easy to use!

Cons: Price, $5 for a Trade Association App? ! Conclusion: This image-based app is a useful tool to help design professionals evaluate surface conditions/defects they may encounter on a project.

More Information at:

Download App Here

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