Firm Profile: Larson Shores Architecture and Interiors

LarsonPhotography by Steve Babuljak, Mark Luthringer

Larson Shores Architecture and Interiors is an energetic design firm that has been working out of their Oakland office for over seven years. Principal architects and co-owners Carrie Shores and Joshua Larson lead the firm’s design approach with a commitment to thoughtful and elegant design. Their portfolio is focused on residential, commercial, aging-inplace, and full-scale interior design projects, all of which showcase their unique style and modernist approach.

Whether designing a new building from the ground up or renovating an interior, it is Carrie and Josh’s goal to create projects that build on the relationships between site, space, and detail in order to produce inspired and sustainable environments. Stemming from the belief that inspired environments are immersive and are to be experienced over time, their design approach is holistic: it places as much emphasis on small-scale detail work as on large-scale site development, and carefully considers everything in between. New materials and methods are then investigated and utilized to construct energy-efficient and environmentally responsible buildings, while fundamental design basics are always incorporated to create beautiful, light-filled spaces.

Josh and Carrie’s personable approach, working closely with clients and professional consultants, creates a collaborative working environment that produces buildings that marry traditional ways of building with contemporary design solutions. They aim to base their work on a shared passion for creating places of inspiration— humane environments that both accommodate their client’s needs and express their aspirations. They believe that producing significant work is a result of team-work, disciplined communication, and responsive problem solving.

Both Carrie and Josh hold Masters of Architecture degrees from The University of California, Berkeley. Carrie obtained a Bachelor of Environmental Design from the University of Florida. In addition, she is LEED AP certified and an aging-in-place specialist. Josh holds a Bachelor of Environmental Design from Texas A&M University, College Station. He is also a Certified Green Building Professional and an aging-in-place specialist.

Recently, Larson Shores Architects has been in an exciting period of growth in terms of projects and staff. The firm now numbers six, including the principals, associate architects, designers and administrative support staff. In addition, building on the demand for their interior design work, Larson Shores will be offering an array of high-end finish, window covering, and cabinet products to a wider range of clients through the newly minted LS Marketplace website.

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