Integrated Process for Document Quality Assurance

a dinner program by LCI NorCal

Wednesday, July 16, 2014
HS Lordships, 199 Seawall Drive, Berkeley, CA  94710
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In most cases, design teams have good internal quality and coordination process for their own disciplines. At determined design iterations, SD, DD, CD, etc., they are typically sent to one party where a single individual reviews and “throws the comments back over the fence.” Denis J. Stroup, AIA of Lionakis will offer a more collaborative and integrated method for design document quality assurance.

This course will provide an overview of a more integrated Quality Assurance/Quality Control than the traditional method. Teams will learn to appraise the internal quality and coordination process for their own disciplines, and analyze the common practice of determined design iterations – schematic design, detailed design, etc. – wherein a single party or individual reviews and valuable input/feedback is lost.

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