Small Firm Forum: Working with an Engineer

Thursday, August 7, 2014
Open to all. Free for AIA Members, $3 Non Members; bring your lunch, drinks provided.

1.5 CES LUs

Working with a structural engineer early in a project brings many benefits to the architect, the client, and the contractor. This is especially true for residential additions and remodels. Learn some of the benefits and pit falls of the different approaches and why you should consider early involvement of a structural engineer. Nellie Ingraham will present several problematic projects with her solutions and show you why bringing in an engineer after all design work has been done might lead to a costly project that could have been much less expensive.

Speaker Bio:

Nellie Ingraham established Nellie Ingraham Structural Engineer in 2014 to provide excellent practical, creative and cost-effective engineering solutions to her clients on a more personal level.

Learning Objectives:

 1. Learn why involving a structural engineer from the beginning of a project is smart.

2. Discover how a preliminary schematic framing plan can support good architectural design.

3. Learn about creative lateral shear solutions.

4. Understand common structural implications of second story additions.

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