ArchiCAD User Group: Cinerender – A Review of the New Renderer

ac18-visualization-Cairns-exteriorWednesday, September 3, 2014
6-8:00 pm

During this User Group we will review the new photo rendering engine in ArchiCAD based on Cinema4D called Cinerender. We will discuss new options for lighting, how to use rendering presets to reduce time in rendering setup, how to create light simulation renderings and how to define custom materials.

About the presenter:

Tom Simmons, the founder of ARCHVISTA, Inc. and LearnVirtual, will present at this User Group. ARCHVISTA is the authorized ArchiCAD reseller for Northern California and is recognized for expertise in Building Information Modeling (BIM) as well as its implementation. Tom has spoken at major industry events including EcoBuild, AEC Systems, AIA Desert Practice Conference, AIA Monterey Design Conference and the Dwell Conference. He has authored several books and articles on Building Information Modeling and architectural technologies. Tom has a Masters of Architecture from University of California, Berkeley and a Bachelor of Environmental Design from Texas A&M University.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this program, attendees will:

1. Understand how to create a rendering using Cinerender.

2. Understand how to create light simulation renderings with IES.

3. Understand the presets that minimize setup time for renderings.

4. Understand how to produce high quality photo renderings via built-in tools.

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