Important NCARB Announcements

By Derrick Porter, Assoc. AIA

an Emerging Professionals column

• With effect from October 1, 2014 NCARB will reduce the wait time for retesting for the ARE from 6 months to 60 days. This means that candidates who have failed a division will now be able to retake the exam just 60 days after the previous attempt.

• Candidates will now be able to test on each division of the ARE up to three times within any one-year time frame. If a candidate fails a division for a third time within a 12-month period he or she must wait to retest until the oldest of his or her last three attempts is more than one-year old.

• Candidates who fail a division from now until October 1, 2014 may prefer to wait to schedule their retest appointment until after October 1st – for earlier access to retesting… (

• NCARB has also modified its reporting requirement known as the “six-month rule” for credit in the Intern Development Program (IDP). This new adjustment allows credit for intern experience that occurred up to five years previous to the current reporting requirements of six months. Credit for experience older than eight months will be valued at 50 percent for up to five years, after which any experience would be ineligible for credit… (

• NCARB announced a proposal to streamline and overhaul the IDP over the next few years. The proposal would reduce the number of hours required to complete the IDP, and the overhaul phase would align the program to the divisions that will be tested starting late 2016 in the ARE… (

• NCARB proposes to drastically reduce time to certification for broadly experienced and foreign architects…(

• Incoming NCARB President Announces Creation of Title Task Force… (

• Apply for the 2014-2017 IDP Firm Award…(

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