Visual Storytelling Workshop: Urban Film Festival Preview

This session will be an abbreviated version of the full 1.5 hour workshop at the SF Urban Film Fest (SPUR/ November 6-9, 2014) . 

Wednesday October 15, 2014
Free and Open to All!

AIA East Bay, 1405 Clay St, Oakland,  CA


Get to know Fay Darmawi–urban planner and activist for local creative civic engagement projects–in a personalized workshop that will provide an introduction to the films to be featured at the upcoming SF Urban Film Fest. The short films Darmawi will present will motivate attendees to understand the importance of effective storytelling when explaining complex projects to a public audience. Learn to inspire an active discourse within the community and gain support by educating the public about how civic planning projects promote social justice and change in urban communities and beyond.

This workshop is a professional development session for planners, architects, developers, activists, and filmmakers interested in using storytelling and film as a medium to inspire and enhance civic engagement in urban planning and architecture.

Please Click Here for more details about the SF Urban Film Fest (November 6-9, 2014).

About the Presenter

Fay Darmawi is an urban planner, community development investment banker, and writer. She is active in creative civic engagement projects in San Francisco, where she lives with her twin teenage sons. Fay also studied screenwriting at UCLA and her first script placed in several screenwriting contests.  She is the Founder and Executive Producer of the SF Urban Film Fest, the first urban planning film festival in the United States.

Learning Objectives

  1. How film, visual media and storytelling can be used as powerful mediums to inspire civic engagement in urban planning and architecture.
  2. Will be able to discuss the importance of urban planning to addressing problems of social equity as well as urban design concerns.
  3. Will be able to apply examples found in film and storytelling to help enhance real life projects.
  4. Be able to recognize and discuss concerns over housing, transportation, income inequality and education, and how each are invariably connected to our built environments.

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