Build It Green Presents: Water Wise Homes Conference, Solutions for Building Professionals

Thursday, November 6, 2014
8:00 a.m–2:30 p.m.
David Brower Center, Berkeley, CA
$35; $25 for Build It Green members*

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Build it Green invites you to join them to learn new technologies, techniques, and strategies to save water in home design, construction, and remodeling. Join Build It Green, your peers, and leading experts to help fight California’s drought!

We all want our residential projects to save more water, but keeping up with the latest practices and policies can be challenging. In its latest conference, Build It Green delivers advanced solutions to help building professionals like you overcome water conservation barriers.

The schedule includes presentations addressing:
Landscape Design and Strategy – Learn your options for replacing lawns with solutions across the landscaping spectrum, from native plants to xeriscape, with a look at water usage and project costs for each. Explore design how-to’s and common mistakes.
Behavior and Water System Design – Explore new technologies that automate water conservation in modern bathrooms and help overcome wasteful behaviors.
Water-Energy Nexus – Optimizing and designing home water systems to save both energy and water, including structured plumbing, recirculation strategies, fixture and appliance selection, and troubleshooting issues.
Gray Water and Rain Water Reuse – A review of low-cost to more advanced systems, how to balance source and sink, and a case study of a Passivhaus home that utilized laundry-to landscape strategies and rainwater capture.
GreenPoint Rated and Water Conservation – A panel of experts will discuss design/code challenges for gray water and the role of GreenPoint Rated Version 6.0 in water conservation. Hear perspectives and share your opinions on installation, design, and policy.


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