CoolTechStuff: Adjustable Glif

Larry Mortimer, AIA

By Larry Mortimer, AIA

Here’s a little device from Studio Neat that will fit in your pocket to make your smartphone even more useful.Adjustable Glif

What it Does: The Adjustable Glif is a tripod mount and stand that attaches to your smartphone to provide easy viewing..

System Requirements: It works with any smartphone between 58.4 to 86.4mm wide and 3.1 to 12.7mm thick.

product-detail-glif-adjust2What it Costs: $30

How it Works: The Glif is compatible with just about any smartphone, with or without a case. A hex key is included to adjust the Glif to fit your phone. Once sized to your phone, you won’t need to make any additional adjustments.

Key Features:
• Made in the USA from recyclable rubberized plastic
• Simple design
• Small enough to fit in your pocketOn Tripod
• Includes a keychain attachment

Pros: Inexpensive, easy to use, and tiny enough to keep with you most of the time.

Cons: To complete the package you need to have a small tripod.

Conclusion: Studio Neat has been around since 2010, when they launched the original Glif for iPhone 4/4s. I used the original Glif with my iPhone 4s and found it to be very useful. My latest smartphone product-detail-glif-stand2will not fit into the first Glif model. Fortunately, the Adjustable Glif is here to take its place!.

More Information and purchase details can be found on the Studio Neat website.



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