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Small Firm Forum: I Am an Architect

Annual Show and Tell

Thursday, January 8, 2015
Free for AIA members / $3 for non-members
Brown bag lunch (BYO lunch)

1.5 CES LUs


Host: Donald Wardlaw, AIA

Program Description:

This month three of our own will share their work with us.

Andus Brandt, Architect
Blackbird Designs

I am an architect because….

I continue my practice as a small firm architect for many reasons. Here are three: for one thing, I like what I do for the most part, so why quit? For another, my family needs financial support. And the third, I have a real passion for Aikido, a martial art that teaches non-violent defense and is a path to compassion.

Richard Morrison
Architect-Interior Designer

I am an historical architect because….

By the eighth grade I realized that the architect who lived next door had the coolest profession of any of the adults I knew. I was actually picking my freshman high school courses with the intent of getting into architecture school.

I still think architecture is pretty cool, but in residential practice, sometimes clients and contractors don’t value architects as much as they should. I’m highly interested in finding ways for residential architects to define value for our clients beyond “good design”, and using leading-edge technology and procedures to support and maximize small firm revenue generation. (Ultimately, we should be better paid! And have more fun!) I expect to share some provocative ideas about this with the group.

G. Barry Wagner, Architect

I am an architect because….

I like making things that delight the eye, require technical and physical talent to execute, and make folks go “wow.” This may be a piece of furniture, a chicken feeding station, a pocket door, a house…it hardly matters.
Solving problems seems to keep me out of trouble creating problems.

I’ll show some photos of an accessory structure that I recently completed that includes my my office, a garage/workshop, and a guest studio.
Learning Objectives:

At the end of this program, attendees will…

1. Gain insight into the variety of service niches other small firms are exploiting.
2. Learn how other small firms juggle design, client needs and business realities.
3. Gain insight into the important relationship between inner drive and rewarding work.
4. Gain a useful perspective that ties one’s own challenges to those others face and master.