ARE Seminar: Schematic Design

Saturday, March 21, 2015 10am-3pm (approx.)
Cost: $40 AIA Members & Employees of AIA East Bay Chapter Member Firms / $75 non-members
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Jeremiah Tolbert, AIA, instructs this ARE Seminar on Schematic Design. This seminar is offered to those looking for a prep seminar in studying for the ARE.

Learning Objectives

1. Attendees will review and access sites; incorporate the implication of human behavior, historic precedent, and design theory in the selection of systems, materials and methods related to site design and construction.
2. Attendees will learn how to interpret site and environmental conditions. Assess and apply systems, materials, and construction methods – incorporating principles of sustainability.
3. Attendees will learn how to incorporate building codes, specialty codes, zoning and other regulatory requirements in site design and construction.
4. Attendees will learn how to analyze the implication of design decisions in the selection of systems, materials and methods incorporated in site design and construction

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