Allied Member Profile: Simon Stadtmiller

Simon Stadtmiller, Allied Member

Simon Stadtmiller, Allied Member

About Me:

My name is Simon Stadtmiller. I was born in South Korea and was adopted at age six to a loving German family. I literally won the lottery in life and feel so blessed to be given the opportunity for a wonderful life all to the thanks of my family. I grew up in Montana most of my life, hunting, fishing, camping and living the great outdoors. I graduated from Montana State with a BSBA in Marketing in 2005. I worked in Seattle for about seven years with Lumicor and Mohawk Group before I moved down here to the Bay Area. I’ve been with Patcraft for little more than a year now covering the Bay Area market. I feel so blessed and fortunate to be with this company which encourages a balanced life, leadership, volunteering, and to provide the best service in the industry. I enjoy snowboarding, fishing, camping, traveling, volunteering with Hands on Bay Area and just a nice cup of joe.


About Patcraft:

Patcraft is the leader in high-performance flooring solutions for the commercial market. Our brand is founded on a long-standing commitment to performance flooring and backed by the industry’s largest carpet manufacturer.

We believe that flooring is the foundation of the built environment and that it plays a key role in how people interact with a space. Through innovative performance-based design, we create carpet and resilient products that enhance interiors, improve human experiences and increase product life cycles because flooring matters.

Flooring is an essential part of every environment and should be designed to perform in a way that maximizes human potential. It is the very foundation upon which we move, strive, work, dream, create and accomplish.

Patcraft offers flooring solution that ground, support and enhance human activities. This allows teachers and students, scholars and librarians, civil servants and citizens, nurses and doctors, patients and caregivers, workers and leaders, inventors and trailblazers to pursue their objectives as effectively and as comfortably as possible.

As the performance leader for commercial and high-demand environments, Patcraft helps clients explore how flooring choices impact the people who use their spaces. What is the end-user’s relationship with the space and the floor? How does it impact experience, concentration, comfort and the ability to perform task? We specialize in high performance solutions for healthcare, senior living, K-12 education, higher education, government, retail and corporate.

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