Residential Greywater Systems in California

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Free, all are welcome; bring your own lunch. Please Click Here to RSVP


In this presentation Christina Bertea of Greywater Action will review the most popular and affordable DIY greywater systems, including the widely rebated “Laundry to Landscape” system (requiring no permit), as well as the more high tech automated systems for outdoor irrigation and toilet flushing.

Design considerations for making greywater easily accessible will also be discussed.

About the Presenter

Christina Bertea, Greywater Action. Christina has been teaching workshops and lecturing for Greywater Action since 2008. A union trained, licensed plumbing contractor, she participated in the stakeholder meetings that crafted the new greywater code in 2009. She has plumbed straw bale and rammed earth homes and built a passive solar rammed earth cottage in Oakland.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this presentation attendees will:

1. Gain some familiarity with the range of greywater options currently in the marketplace.
2. Understand the low tech DIY options available to homeowners.
3. Understand design considerations that will help homeowners to access their greywater for re-use.
4. Be aware of some of the more sophisticated, high tech greywater options that are available for high-end projects.

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