Design Tour: HIVE Oakland

Friday, April 3, 2015
Meeting Point: HIVE Oakland Impact Hub 2323 Broadway, Oakland. Parking available directly across Broadway in the YMCA parking garage at 2353 Webster St.

Price: $5 for AIA members and Employees of Chapter Member Firms / $10 for Non-Members
Please Click Here to Register or call 510 464 3600

1.5 CES LUs

Architect: Flynn Architecture

Join us on ‘First Friday’ in Oakland for an architect-led tour of the HIVE: including a look inside the Impact HUB and Flynn Architecture’s new HIVE office-space.

The HIVE project is a visionary project in Uptown Oakland that is transforming a previously under-used urban square block into a vibrant ultra-mixed-use project of retail, apartments, restaurants, and a variety of kinds of office space.


What makes this project unique is that the developers were encouraged by their prospective tenants to incorporate design techniques into the interior spaces, as well as the exterior spaces that encourage the formation of community. People can experience this “design that creates community” inside ‘Impact Hub’.

Existing 1920’s era buildings were incorporated into the project wherever possible and new floors were added inside and on top of existing buildings. The revamped historic space mixes with modern architecture to create a setting that is traditional, yet distinct.

We are very pleased to have this design tour led by Teri Flynn, Flynn Architecture.

Learning Objectives

1. Will learn about the genesis of the HIVE project, its key aims and objectives and the Impact Hub’s unique place in Oakland’s business community.
2. Will learn about the design techniques that were employed and some of the key challenges presented during the Impact Hub’s construction phase.
3. Will gain an insight into the architect’s vision for the completed project and the reasons behind some of the key design decisions that were incorporated into the Impact Hub and some of the other ‘HIVE’ office spaces.
4. Will learn how exterior as well as interior design techniques have been employed to encourage the formation of community.

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