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adam haedt By Adam Haedt

Neolith is the largest, high-tech, Sintered compact slab available. Neolith provides the most efficient solutions for any architectural or design project, making it the new product choice for interior, exterior and home applications. Neolith’s extensive range of earthly, neutral, industrial, metallic, matte colours, make it a designer product that can be optimally used for virtually any job.

Neolith is defining the way forward in the construction industry with state-of-the-art products that combine functionality and beauty. Neolith surpasses every required standard (ISO) in every one of its characteristics with the use of technology advanced operating systems. Precision technology ensures optimum efficiency levels in terms energy consumptions optimization, use of raw materials, and the quality and finish of the end product. Neolith is environmentally friendly and committed to responsible, sustainable businesses practiced.

Adam Haedt is General Manager of Fox Marble’s FM Distributing’s Neolith Division. With nearly 15 years in the surface industry. He has developed products in most surfacing categorize across the United States developing prod- ucts for Caesarstone, Cosentino Group and Avonite. Neolith is the next big thing in surfacing and he could not be more excited to launch this product in San Francisco with Fox Marbles FM Distributing, now the largest distrib- utor in North America of Neolith, Sintered Compact Surface. ■

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