Firm Profile: Madwyck

Madwyck is a professional consultancy, focused on planning, architecture, and stakeholder engagement in the design and construction of our built environment. With experience in different building types, such as schools, hospitals and terminals, the company’s focus is in public sector transportation projects, such as airports. Madwyck’s strength is making places moving people ©.

Space Space planning study for the Oakland International arrivals waiting area (w/ Jacobs Consultancy)

Established in Alameda in January 2013, the company has provided services to other firms needing a boost in their resources. These services included peer reviews, code analyses, project management support, programming, study documentation, graphic analyses, sustainability reviews, and signage and wayfinding studies. While new to the directory of business names, the company is based on the experience of its people.


BART Communications Center Reconfiguration (while w/ Jacobs)

With over 20 years of experience in the Bay Area, Lynne Madera has worked for established firms such as The KPA Group, Jacobs, and Ricondo & Associates. Through these companies – and new ones such as CMPros, PMA Consultants, Parsons Brinkerhoff and AGS, Inc. – she has provided services to clients such as BART, Oakland International Airport, and San Francisco International Airport. Getting things built is complicated and requires a team. Madwyck’s core value is to add to that team in two ways. One, by bringing creativity and experience to the problem-solving table. And two, by supporting everyone at that very same table in their success, knowing that it will lead to the project’s success.


Installation of curbside security bollards at Terminals 1 and 2. Oakland (while w/ Jacobs)

In addition, there are a few actions that we choose to repeat:

  1. Listen and be vocal.
  2. Provide excellence in service and deliverables.
  3. Bootstrapped from startup, appreciate the support of old and new allies.
  4. Pause at each business decision to confirm that the direction chosen supports the operational motto:

Keep it simple. Keep it mobile. Keep it green.

Starting a business is daunting. But it’s thrilling when you find that this way of working fits in with a paradigm shift such as Partnering. When you find that there are schools of thought such as “Emerge Leadership for a More Sustainable Society” that help you define your leadership style. When you find that people want to collaborate and achieve great things together. It’s thrilling when your industry is ready to solve large problems together. Let’s get to it.

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