Owning Your Shop Drawings: Revit User Group

Tuesday, May 19, 2015
Free and open to all; please RSVP as lunch will be served, courtesy of Ideate.

If you own Autodesk building design suite ultimate, you probably have an untouched shortcut to Inventor sitting on your desk, nestled somewhere between Revit and AutoCAD. Due to the old school gap between Revit and Inventor, the AEC industry has not utilized Inventor’s strengths. However, with the ever–increasing efficiency of CNC manufacturing, 3D printing, and software interoperability, Inventor stands out as a far more effective tool for modeling certain building components, and creating shop drawings. Whether you or your consultants use Inventor, this event will uncover the benefits of a new tool that will enhance your company’s design accuracy, LOD, and software communication.

In an attempt to bridge the gap between software, a “BIM Export” environment was quietly added to the ribbon of functions in 2014 release of Inventor. As a solution for our company, we researched its capabilities and unearthed the proper step by step procedure for exporting to Revit. This presentation will explore 3 examples of building components for export (HVAC, Casework, and Lighting) and expose the tool’s strengths and weaknesses in the process. We will also highlight best practices for family/model creation, both pre and post conversion.

About the Presenters

Steve DeWitt

Joining Project Frog in 2014 as our BIM manager, Steve DeWitt has over 15 years of experience in design software and is a certified Autodesk Revit professional. While his primary focus is current and future software utilization, data extraction/use, best practices/procedures, drawing standards, clash detection/resolution and training for all design staff, he also contributes to BIM user groups and has spoken at, universities, Autodesk University and conferences featuring topics like; BIM, laser scanning and AIA E202. He writes procedures that supply our internal and external team members with exact data that gets utilized during all stages of design, construction and fabrication which keeps his company on the cutting edge of technology.

Johnny Buccola

Since graduating with a BS in mechanical engineering from Santa Clara University in 2010, Johnny Buccola has worked as a design engineer in a variety of fields, ranging from VIP aerospace interiors to military compressors. In his experience he has traversed a number of 3D modeling packages, including AutoCAD, Solidworks, and Inventor. As CAD Engineer at Project Frog, Inc., he is responsible for drafting and modeling (and the processes therein) of Frog’s prefabricated building components using Solidworks.

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