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Cool TechStuff: HP Sprout

Larry Mortimer, AIA

Larry Mortimer, AIA


   At Maker Faire 2015 (5/16/2015) I had a chance to test drive Hewlett Packard’s new combination scanner and touch screen desktop computer called the Sprout. It’s part of what HP calls its “Blended Reality Initiative” and is a joint project between HP, Microsoft, Intel, and 3M.

What is it? It’s a combination 23” touchscreen desktop computer, a 2D/3D scanner, a large touch pad (HP calls it a Touch Mat), and a projector to project images onto the Touch Mat.

System Requirements: Windows 8.

What does it cost? $1899.99.

How does it Work?

It works like an ordinary Windows touch screen computer, but with the additional advantage of a large touch pad with an image projected on it that acts as a second touch screen display. Both displays are manipulatable with your finger or any capacitive stylus. Sprout also has a built in scanner that can scan 2D or 3D objects. To scan an object you simply place it on the Touch Mat, tap an icon, and the scanned image appears projected onto the Touch Mat. From there you can use the usual touch gestures to move, rotate, or resize the scanned image. 3D objects with hidden surfaces require additional scans in different positions.


Key Features:

■• Computer has 1080p 23” monitor, 8GB Ram, 1TB SSHD

■• Adonis Jot Pro Stylus included

■• 20”, 1024×768 pixel projected image on Touch Mat

■• Touch Mat is removable, and is magnetically docked to base of the unit

■• 14.6 megapixel camera

■• Intel RealSense 3D camera

■• 10/100/1000 BaseT network, Bluetooth, and dual band Wireless


Pros: Very intuitive to use and lots of display real estate. Very fast response time.

Cons: Only works with Windows and 3D scanner still needs some work.

Conclusion: Sprout is like having a desktop PC, a second screen, a 20” tablet, and a 2D/3D scanner all integrated into one package. I particularly liked the Touch Mat with the image projected on it. One thing I did not get to do was to try other third party software on it, so before you go out and buy one, be sure the software you want to use will work.

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