Firm Profile: Miroglio Architecture + Design

Miroglio Architecture + Design (M.a.+d) is a small firm Mfounded here in Oakland in 1993. M.a.+d.’s deeply held conviction is that the firm can be an ongoing laboratory for the investigation of ideas, carried out in the context of architecture, furniture design, and related design disciplines.

firm profile

Pencil sketch of San Carlo Alle Quattro Fontane, Rome Italy, by Joel Miroglio.

Joel Miroglio, AIA, principal and founder of Miroglio Architecture + Design, completed his undergraduate studies at Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo, California. He continued his education at Yale University, where he was awarded a Graham Foundation Grant for furniture design, and obtained a Master of Architecture degree in 1986. He was awarded a graduate fellowship for study in Rome, Italy, where he attended courses at the University of Rome, and undertook an independent project to study urban morphology. Drawing and the design process have formed the backbone of the firm’s practice as it has evolved over the years. M.a.+d. has found the evolution of the computer to be a beautiful extension (rather than replacement) of the drawing/design process.

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Corner detail of Napa Community Bank Building, Napa, California.

The ability to quickly study and refine ideas, which the computer provides, is wonderful, but all M.a.+d. projects still begin with a pencil and paper. The exploration of new materials and fabrication processes has helped shape the design of the firm’s architectural projects and furniture/objects, which are often prototyped in their in-house workshop. M.a.+d. has been honored with over thirty international design awards, including AIA awards, and was selected by North American Architects to show its work at the 2006 Quito Design Biennale in Ecuador.

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Computer model of Corporate Headquarters, Emeryville, California.

The firm has executed commissions for a wide variety of building types around the country. An interest in a varied practice has resulted in projects ranging from large office and institutional buildings to tiny interiors, both commercial and residential, with budgets both large and small. They try to bring the same idea-based artistic intention to all their projects, regardless of the type or budget. The resulting projects and drawings have been featured in national and international publications and books, and their drawings are included in private collections on both coasts. M.a.+d. furniture has been featured on the Discovery Channel Program

Knowzone, and can be found at the Huntington Museum in San Marino, California. The firm hopes to continue this exploration, gently nudging the “envelope,” always with an eye toward making an interesting contribution to the built environment.





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