How to Integrate BIM into Design

Wednesday, June 10
Free. Bring a lunch!
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Many architecture firms are frustrated by not seeing the increased efficiencies promised by BIM and Revit. In this seminar we will examine why firms are reluctant to use BIM in design, how that affects the efficiencies promised by BIM and how to successfully implement BIM in the design phase. This will include a review of “SketchUp Style” BIM modeling tools, how to integrate SketchUp and Rhino into the BIM process, how to create sketch renderings and how to tap into the vast world of rich object content.

About the presenter:

Thomas Simmons, an ARCHVISTA BIM Technology Consultant, has implemented BIM solutions at architecture, engineering and construction firms thoughout the west coast. He has developed education programs that help professionals get started with BIM and is a published author on Virtual Building.

Learning Objectives:

Attendees will learn:

1. How starting your design over in BIM eliminates the efficiencies promised by BIM
2. Methods for incorporating design into the BIM process
3. How different design tools can be utilized directly with BIM
4. New sources for object content

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