Revit Models & Metal Studs: What Could Go Wrong?

a Revit User Group

Tuesday, June 16, 2015
Free, all are welcome. Lunch provided!
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1.5 CES LUs

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) projects now include metal stud framing in the coordination of the mechanical, electrical, plumbing systems (MEPs). With the addition of metal studs into the coordination process, different 3D modeling solutions are being used to get the studs into the building information model (BIM) for use by the entire team. Some engineering firms are beginning to add studs to their structural models, some architects are even beginning to host them in their Revit models, but the most common place they are coming in is with the drywall framing subcontractor during MEP coordination. The inclusion of metal studs in the BIM model is growing. This discussion will cover tips and tricks for Revit compatibility with stud framing Add Ins, Wall family do’s and dont’s, and why doors families are always trouble, among other topics.

About the presenter:

Nicholas Grage is a BIM Consultant with expertise in construction management and pre-construction for large commercial construction projects. With 14 metal stud modeling projects completed in the last four years, Nicholas has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of modeling, interfacing with design models, and modeling to existing conditions. Over the last several years Nicholas has focused primarily on IPD hospital projects, tackling the complex challenges that come with them.


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