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MCE/ADA Day: Friday, August 28, 2015

MCE/ADA Day: Accessibility for California Architects
Friday, August 28, 2015
Location: AIA East Bay, 1405 Clay Street, Oakland, CA 94612
Cost: $110 AIA Members / $150 non-membersIncludes coffee and lunch.
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Presented By: Gary Waters, RA, NCARB, CASp Anthony Goldsmith with Pacific Access Consulting, LLC

About the Presenters:
Gary Waters, a licensed architect since 1988 and CASp-065, has focused his professional career on accessibility in the built environment. Together with partner Anthony Goldsmith, an attorney with a specialized practice in accessibility law, Gary is a founding member of Pacific Access Consulting, LLC (PAC), serving clients throughout the State of California. Recognizing that accessibility includes both civil rights as well as a design and construction issues.  Service both public and private clients, PAC takes a multi-disciplinary approach to access consulting,


This workshop will focus on:

1) Overview of the 2010 ADAS

2) Overview of the 2013 CBC

3) 2010 ADAS and 2013 CBC – Review of the significant differences in the technical standards

4) Newly scoped elements in the 2010ADAS and 2013 CBC

5) Building Standards Commission amendments to the 2013 CBC effective July 1, 2015

6) Questions, answers and discussion