SketchUp 2015 Hands-On: Layout

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Larry Mortimer, AIA

SketchUp 2015 Hands-On: Layout

If you’ve ever thought you would like to do a complete project using SketchUp and the companion program LayOut, or just get more out of SketchUp, then SketchUp 2015 Hands-On: Layout is a book you need to take a look at.


What is SketchUp and what is LayOut:  Of course you probably already know that SketchUp is a powerful and intuitive 3D modeling program.  But do you know what its companion program LayOut can do?  LayOut is exactly what its name implies, a lay out program, but one that provides dynamic windows (viewports) back to a SketchUp model, and a format for adding annotations, dimensions and additional graphics.


Cost: $39.95 PDF format
          $64.95 full-color print

The book begins by showing what LayOut can do using a simple model of a chair, and then proceeds on to a multi-sheet presentation of a small house. The next chapter explains how templates with tile blocks, pages and layers are set up. There are chapters devoted to rendering viewports, using clipping masks and clipping planes, applying labels, dimensions, patterns and hatches. The last chapter, arguably one of the most valuable, covers the use of scrapbooks, styles and shapes. Scrapbooks are repositories for objects, symbols and styles that you can quickly access to provide your work with a consistent look.


Conclusion:  This 233-page book with its detailed step-by-step exercises is a resource that can help you translate your SketchUp model into great presentations and working drawings.  If you want to jump start your use of SketchUp, you should also take a look at Bonnie Roskes’ other books. They are all nicely illustrated, easy to follow and great resources to have at your fingertips.


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