Lunch and Learn: A/E Risk Management in the Field

Friday, September 25, 2015
Free, lunch will be provided by Long & Levit
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1.5 CES LUs

Long & Levit’s recent study of pre-claim and litigation matters against A/E professionals reflects that more than 80% of conflicts stem from the construction phase.  Closer analysis  of these claims reveals red flags from the contractor, developer, and/or owner that preceded the conflict. This presentation will address how to avoid these conflicts, how to manage potential conflicts before they escalate, and how to mitigate the effect of conflicts on the overall project and/or a future claim.  This presentation will provide practical tips for A/E professionals working in the field with the aim of decreasing the potential for claims.

About the presenter:

Verita J. Molyneaux is an attorney with Long & Levit. In the past 7 years, her practice has focused on representation of A/E firms in litigation, contract review, and employment matters. Verita works closely with her A/E clients and regularly presents in-house risk management seminars for her clients.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this presentation, attendees will:

1) Recognize red flags during construction

2) Understand how to avoid these red flags

3) Understand how to manage disputes

4) Understand how to mitigate the overall potential for a claim against the A/E firm.


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