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Patrick May Reviews Walker Warner’s BIM Blog

an ArchiCAD User Group

Wednesday, September 2, 2015
Free and open to all.
Presented by ArchVista.

1.5 CES LUs

Patrick May of Walker Warner Architects will review his firm’s BIM Blog, WWA BIM, which is full of great information to help support ArchiCAD Users and grow knowledgable within the ArchiCAD community. The WWA BIM Blog is open to all ArchiCAD Users. As described by Patrick, here are some of the benefits of a company blog:

  • Great way to document and introduce co-workers to new workflows that will improve productivity.
  • Quick and easy way to relay information from those with BIM and ArchiCAD knowledge to oall employees of all experience levels.
  • Allows one to share (and get feedback on) firm specific solutions that are valuable to all project teams within the firm.
  • Opens a dialogue to develop modeling and documentation solutions without the need to call a meeting for every problem that comes up.
  • Can be graphic-heavy and an easier way to describe solutions than sending an email to one co-worker.
  • Sharing with the global community allows for the crowdsourcing of solutions to problems faced by the firm.
  • Often a blog post is just the starting point for a broader discussion via social media with other users inside and outside the firm.
  • Becomes a single source for all software related troubleshooting and solutions. The average co-worker doesn’t need to follow every BIM blog, online forum, discussion group, etc.
  • Becomes the place where users not obsessed with ArchiCAD can more easily learn from the co-worker(s) who are.

About the presenter:

Patrick May is the Digital Design Coordinator for Walker Warner Architects and was previously the Senior Designer at Christian Gladu Design. Patrick has managed residential projects from design through construction documentation. He also managed BIM for implementation and template development. He is very passionate about BIM and the possibilities it creates, opportunities it provides and ideas it represents. He loves the challenge of continually learning to make the most of the software solutions he’s been using for almost a decade.

Learning Objectives:

After completing this program, attendees will be able to:

1) Successfully implement a BIM Blog in a firm.
2) Document and introduce co-workers to new workflows that will improve productivity.
3) Open dialogues to develop modeling and documentation solutions.
4) Understand the power of crowdsourcing when sharing a BIM Blog with the global community.