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 Dahlin Group Project Wins its 2nd Gold Nugget AwardFinal 1-11 Archnews Sep_Page_05_Image_0003

The project in this Septembers “Project Profile” The Monteverde Senior Apartments in Orinda has won its second Gold Nugget Award. The first was awarded in 2012 for “Seniors Housing Community On the Boards” project. The second awarded this year was for “Seniors Housing Community, Active Adult/ Independent Living.”

Cole in Gabon

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AIAEB member Steve Coyle, AIA is the Treasurer of Ingénieurs Sans Frontières, Gabon with the Oregon-Final 1-11 Archnews Sep_Page_05_Image_0008Gabon Center and University of Omar Bongo. He is launching a pilot program with geography students, instructing them on applying smart growth regional scale plans using GIS with local architects. They are developing a cadre of young, trained Gabonese with the technical skills to plan the country at a large enough scale to determine where to grow and where to protect (e.g., water- ways), and a small enough scale to collaborate with other agencies and institutions who can design at the community level.


Ratcliff  Transforms Top Floor of UC Barrows Hall

Final 1-11 Archnews Sep_Page_05_Image_0009Social Science Matrix is UC Berkeley’s new flagship center for social science research, now housed in a light filled gathering space designed for the digital age by Ratcliff architects of Emeryville, California. “The name Matrix says a lot about us, if not all of it,” said Professor William Hanks, Director of Social Science Matrix, in welcoming remarks at the center’s opening gala on January 30.


Dahlin Group Project Approved

Final 1-11 Archnews Sep_Page_05_Image_0010The Menlo Park Planning Commission voted to approve a plan to demolish two buildings at 1283 and 1295 El Camino Real and construct a three-story, mixed-use development in its place. The plans are to build 15 residential units geared for corporate workers, with about 2,000 square feet of retail, personal service or non-medical office space on the ground floor facing El Camino Real. The site slated to be called Pinnacle and designed by Dahlin Group, is the first project along El Camino Real to see the light of day since the city adopted its El Camino Real/Downtown Specific Plan in 2012.


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