Excel 201 = Beyond the (SUM)

a Revit User Group

Tuesday, September 29, 2015
Free, all are welcome. Lunch provided by Ideate, please RSVP.

1.5 CES LUs

Excel permeates the A/E/C industry as the workhorse on a wide range of tasks: cost estimating, data management, scheduling, etc. If you know how to sort and do basic math functions in Excel but have always wanted to learn more, now is your chance. At the September Revit User Group Glynnis Patterson will cover some of the most common Excel functions used in the A/E/C industry as well as some of her favorite Excel tips.

Glynnis Patterson is a registered architect and works as the Director of Software Development with Ideate. Glynnis’ Excel knowledge comes from years of working with Ideate BIMLink customers (20%), from time spent working in the construction and property development industries (10%), and from various friends and colleagues (70%). She is looking forward to sharing her Excel expertise and learning something new.

Learning Objectives:

  • Using a list of Revit elements as an example, we will review how to generate a Pivot Table to show counts and area summaries.
  • How to create a drop–down list of all Space Types, so they can be used to assign values to Spaces.
  • Review a few common data management formulas such as CONCATENATE, REPLACE & SUBSTITUTE.
  • Dissect the use of the IF/THEN statement to calculate the number of plumbing fixtures required based on the number of buildings occupants.


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